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Made With SYNK

These are just a couple of the projects that used SYNK in their production.

Journey to Yourland is the first animation film ever made in Unity. SYNK provided the tools that were necessary to make such a project possible. Journey to Yourland is about Riki. A 10-year-old boy who runs away from home, following a mysterious emergency signal sent by a shiny stone. It takes Riki to the breathtaking parallel world of “Yourland” where wonderful machines roam golden deserts, monkeys and ravens talk and science peacefully co-exists with nature.

Danone FLUX is a VR experience that was made by the dairy company Danone. The projects is a virtual reality representation of the scientific research that they do at Danone nutricia research center. This is a way to show their customers what their brand and their products are all about. It's also a way to connect with them and communicate the science that is being done in their research lab.

Jail Birds is a dark and gritty story that is told from a VR standpoint. it's a story about a hellish prison that is being run by Chief Warden. This narrative experience is based on the "Paulor s'evade" comics that were written by Belgian Author Philippe Foerster. This project was a coproduction between the Belgian cinema producers: Be Revolutions Pictures and the US VR Reverse Engineering studio. 

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