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Journey to Yourland wins best animation film at Chicago children's film festival

Journey to Yourland has won the first prize in the Chicago International Children's Film Festival.

Journey to Yourland is the first full-feature animation film ever made in a game engine. During the production the teams used a variety of different DCC's. The final film was rendered in Unity. SYNK was the connection between the two and was the glue that was necessary to finish this project in an effective way. Journey to Yourland is a film about Riki, a 10 year old boy who finds a luminescent stone which leads him on a crazy adventure through the magical world of Yourland with his new friends Emma and Tidling. SYNK played a big role in the production of Journey to Yourland as it was the pipeline that was used during the development of this project. Journey to Yourland was one of the projects that really allowed SYNK to be refined into the pipeline it is today.

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