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Launching SYNK in Annecy

SYNK went to the Annecy Animation film festival and was presented at the MIFA for the first time. We were finally able to show our pipeline to the public. It became very clear that the animation industry is very interested in working with a real-time engine. Everyone from smaller to larger studios is gaining interest in the advantages that a

realtime engine can bring for them.

Unity invited us to talk about SYNK and the role it played during the production of Journey to Yourland. We were able to explain what SYNK does and show what features it brings to the table during the production of a realtime animation feature film. Our founder Jan Hameeuw did this presentation together with Ron Martin, community and education manager at Unity. Ron was able to talk about the progression of Unity as a creation tool for high quality animation. While Jan explained how the team behind the film was able to get the most out of the engine during the Journey to Yourland project by using SYNK.

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